Sunday, January 13, 2013

Golden Globes Fashions

Credit to Moviefone, The Huffington Post

No comment. Just sharing. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Too Old to Wear Short-Shorts

I have to first give credit to Style Goes Strong.

Next, I have to go after the premise. When someone like Pamela Anderson wears an outfit like that, it's part of the act. None of knows how she dresses at home, nor should we.

However, you who buy normal clothes (and I hope you buy at will not dress like that. It doesn't matter if you're 40, 4, or 400. You don't make your living the same way she does. There's no comparing the fashion choices. Just find something that looks good on you.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Victoria's Secret and the Geisha Girl

I have to wonder what's going on there. Here's another article about an outfit that had to be pulled. This one is from FoxNews.

I've heard stories about Asian sex fantasies, but I know nothing about it. I would only take comments seriously from someone who does know about it. If you've never experienced a thing, you don't have any legitimacy.

This brings me back to yesterday's theme. You have to consider what others think, unless you just don't care. If a significant portion of a market doesn't like something, don't use it. If you don't want that market, you don't care what you do. That's crude, but life is crude sometimes.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Victoria's Secret and Native Americans

I saw this in a lot of places. This link is from ABC News Video:

People go on and on about whether other people should take offense to anything. The simple fact is that one man's joke is another man's slander. (I'll get some grief for that phraseology. Oh well.)

Back to my point. You have to consider other people's views to live in this world. You have to consider the feelings of a market, if you want to have that market. Even if you don't agree, sometimes you just agree to disagree.

Of course, you do have to use some judgement. Some people are just going to complain, no matter what you do. There are some activist groups that have the same mentality. You can't go chasing after every loon, but if the complaints are widespread, take it down. Victoria's Secret handled it correctly.

Worst Dressed Stars of 2012

I give you this from Huffingtonpost:

I agree with some of these, but come on! Some of these outfits are clearly tongue-in-cheek. Try to get the joke.